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What We Carry

SHEEPSKINS           Natural & Dyed, Solid & Tipped, Short Hair, Long Hair & Curly.

TYPES                    Toscana, Merino, Tigrado, Sueded, Napa, Nubuk & Distressed.

STYLES                   Garment, Trimming, Lining or Special Qualities.

MOUTON                 In Luxurios Garment, Trimming & Hat. In various Colors.

LAMBSKINS             Shaggy

LAMB PLATES          Tibet (Mongolian), Kalgan Lamb in trimming & rug quality. 
                              In various colors.

GOAT PLATES          Long Hair, Dyed & Natural.

WILD FURS              Mink, Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Nutria, Opossum, Stone Marten, Rabbit  
                              and many others.

FUR PLATES             In a wide variety of colors and designs made from a rich selection       
                               of luxurious pelts.

& PILLOWS              Spectacular custom designs in luxurious fur of your choice.